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The JUGGLER™ is the most profitable septic tanks collector unit. Its proprietary centrifugal filtration system allows it to empty 10 to 12 tanks on one trip.

  • 1 200 gallons (US) rear / 3 600 gallons (US) front capacities in a unitized tank
  • 1 600 CFM – 27’’ HG vacuum pump driven by hydrostatic motor
  • Hydraulic pumps mounted on transmission PTOs.
  • JUGGLER centrifugal ultrasonic filtration system and rotary lobe water supply pump driven by hydraulic motors
  • 200’ – 3’’ rear mounted hose reel with hydraulic rotation and pivoting
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Go beyond your goal with customized sanitary truck

All of Supervac equipments are custom made to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Stand out from your competitor

With Supervac cutting edge technologies you’ll be able to exceed the utmost aggressive goals.

Boosts your productivity

Designed for the selective collection of septic tanks, Supervac's flagship unit makes it possible to return some of the liquid in the tank and collect 10 to 12 tanks before having to unload the tank.

Automated sequences

Let our automated collect and return of filtered liquid sequences do the work for you!


Avoid stoppages and breakage with our pre-filter recovering solid contaminants (e.g. wipes) that could clog the main filter.

Get the best equipments for your sanitary truck

With Supervac cutting edge technologies you’ll be able to exceed the utmost aggressive goals.

200 microns filter

Electron beam perforated membrane (200 microns)

Patented technology

Supervac has a patent on TRITON™ technology, a unique centrifugal ultrasonic filtration system.

Diversify your income

Diversify your revenue by offering the Grease Trap Collection service for catering, another option included with Juggler™ equipment.

Remote control

All major functions are supported by remote control or automated optimizing your operators’ time and attention. The achieved goals are consistent, high quality results your customers demand and your operators are less fatigued at the end of the day!

Reach your goal now with the performance of Supervac sanitary equipment

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