Septic truck - JUGGLER™

Liquid & solid separation system for septic application

The JUGGLER™ is the most profitable septic tanks collector unit. Its proprietary centrifugal filtration system allows it to empty 10 to 12 tanks on one trip.

  • 1 200 gallons (US) rear / 3 600 gallons (US) front capacities in a unitized tank
  • 1 600 CFM – 27’’ HG vacuum pump driven by hydrostatic motor
  • Hydraulic pumps mounted on transmission PTOs.
  • JUGGLER centrifugal ultrasonic filtration system and rotary lobe water supply pump driven by hydraulic motors
  • 200’ – 3’’ rear mounted hose reel with hydraulic rotation and pivoting

Discover the Juggler by Supervac : a liquid & solid separation system!

Watch this video for an overview of the Juggler. The pumping and liquid-solid separating system from Supervac is designed for use servicing grease traps and septic tanks, without the use of chemicals. The key to the unit’s potential savings lies in a filtration system designed to return a liquid that is 80-percent free of solids right back into the septic tank, without affecting bacterial action.

Technical specifications

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  1. Hose reel 36″ with remote control operation;
  2. 3600 Gallons (US) Solids capacity;
  3. 1200 Gallons (US) Grey water capacity;
  4. 1400 CFM Blower – Hot shift PTO Driven;
  5. Pre-filtration unit;
  6. 100 microns Juggler™ filtration unit, auto-cleaning (option 200 microns available);
  7. Circulation pump, hydraulic driven;
  8. 80 Gallons (US) Hydraulic tank with dual return filters;
  1. 6″ Discharge valve;
  2. Two (2) separate hydraulic cooler;
  3. Water and solid level;
  4. Primary shut-off valve inside top of tank;
  5. Secondary shut-off valve outside protection;
  6. 2 x 20″ manholes;
  7. Working lights at rear and sides of unit;
  8. Ladder & Handrail on curbside;
  1. Rear control pad;
  2. Main control panel on driver side;
  3. Hose trays on both sides;
  4. Toolbox – Driver side;
  5. 4-way valve on blower (driver side);
  6. Rear bumper;
  7. Electro-Hydraulic control valve (driver side);
  8. Pneumatic actuated valves.

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All of Supervac equipments are custom made to meet the specific needs of each customer.

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