Trucks and Equipments

Supervac custom trucks include vacuum excavators, industrial vacuum trucks, sewer cleaners, hydro excavators and other vacuum equipments made according to your specifications.

Hydro Excavator

Hydro-Excavation is digging safely with high pressure water and vacuum. Discover the best equipment on the market, the Supervac hydro-excavators.

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Combination Sewer Cleaner

Supervac combination units have vacuum and high pressure water pump.

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Wet/Dry Vacuum truck

Supervac’s vacuum units, for wet or dry waste, combine robustness and performance.

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Sanitary truck

Our JugglerTM sanitary truck is a unique patented pumping and liquid-solid separating system that services grease traps and septic tanks, with no chemicals.

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Special equipments

Supervac specializes in the manufacture of specialized and customized equipment. Discover our options and examples.

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Stock Unit

Explore our inventory of new units ready for use.

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Used equipments

Used units updated by Supervac experts.

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Imagine it, we build it.

Custom made every time to fit your needs.