Engineered for high performance

Supervac is renowned for its professionalism and good business practices. Thanks to our carefully researched and developed fabrication processes, we provide high quality products that exceed customer expectations.

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Patented water recycling system

The Triton combination sewer cleaner from Supervac has a water recycling system that employs a filter system to allow continuous work without downtime for water filling.

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Venture off the beaten path

Go beyond your goal with customized equipment! The VAC TRACK equipment is a real demonstration of Supervac flexibility and engineering capabilities.

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Our Trucks and Equipment

Experts in the fabrication of vacuum and specialized custom built equipment, discover our extensive range of products

Hydro <span class='fake-br'>Excavator</span>

Hydro Excavator

Supervac hydro excavators provide a reliable and safe excavation compared to mechanical excavators

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Combination <span class='fake-br'>Sewer Cleaner</span>

Combination Sewer Cleaner

Collecting liquid and solid waste of any kind

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Wet/Dry <span class='fake-br'>Vacuum truck</span>

Wet/Dry Vacuum truck

Discover our Wet/Dry Vacuum trucks for a maximum performance, even for your toughest jobs

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Sanitary <span class='fake-br'>truck</span>

Sanitary truck

A unique system for septic application

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Go beyond your goal with customized equipment

Put our experience to the test and challenge us to design a unit adapted to your needs!

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Our performance on the field

Founded in 1979, Supervac manufactures vacuum and specialized equipment. Our team of professionals excels in all fields pertaining to the environment. We develop and build products tailored to the needs of companies in the municipal utility, petroleum, industrial and construction sectors.

For us, quality and customer satisfaction are top priorities.

Our benefits

Sustained effort and hard work have made Supervac a reference in the field.

Discover the benefits of working with our experts.

Custom built trucks

Industry needs don’t fit all. Get the perfect fit with our custom equipment.

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Advanced technology

The adoption of advanced technology and the use of superior components are top priorities for our teams of professionals.

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Quality insurance

For many business owners, equipment represents their single largest investment and that’s why Supervac guarantees all its equipments.

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Environmental policy

Supervac environmental commitment is more than a long-term vision; it is the embodiment of a company-wide approach to responsible management.

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Our certifications are proof that we have the knowledge and skills required to handle even the most complex challenges.

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Customer care

Supervac is renowned for its professionalism and good business practices, put us to the test!

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Custom-made Hydrovac : Customize Your Way to Success

Custom-made Hydrovac : Customize Your Way to Success

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Maximize your payload

Maximize your payload

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Heavy Load in the Cold

Heavy Load in the Cold

One of the great aspects of hydroexcavation is that it can be performed year-round, in nearly any climate. However, in order to work effectively in sub-freezing temperatures, a few precautions need to be taken. Read more

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