The equipment used for municipal works are mainly combined, low pressure equipment and hydro/ air-excavators. The importance of reducing impacts on the environment and the community are realities that equipment must adapt to. Our equipment is designed to meet the highest requirements of municipalities both to minimize the noise of the equipment and the configurations adapted to restricted environments.

The cabs are also designed to meet local and international standards and requirements. Whether for large-scale projects or surgical operations such as burying optical fibers, telephone lines or gas, we manufacture custom-made equipment. Our new wastewater filtration technology called TritonTM is integrated into our equipments handsets. This system allows water to be reused in the equipment to avoid wasting time and money. Our water and air-excavation techniques offer digging pressures that meet the safety standards of high-tech industries. The work is done quickly and with a minimum of staff and equipment.

Our benefits

Three of four season use

Maximize your investment with an heating system that allows work on spring-summer-autumn and in some cases winter.

Custom-built to fit your needs

Our units are always tailored to meet the specific tasks offered by your company. More versatility = greater profitability


Supervac can safely respond to the hazardous materials transportation standards required by the US DOT (Department of Transportation) or TC (Transport Canada).


Choose between stainless or steel tanks, according to your needs.

Ease of use

Thanks to their centralized electronic systems and user-friendly interfaces, our units are very easy to use.

Robust and sustainable design

Our vacuum trucks are well known for their robust and durable design, thanks to their quality of assembly in thicker steel.

Industry needs don’t fit all. Get the perfect fit with our custom truck

We build custom equipment, tailored to the needs of the municipal sector

Trucks adapted to your municipal tasks

Hydro excavator

Hydro excavator

Hydro-Excavation is digging safely with high pressure water and vacuum. Discover the best equipment on the market, the Supervac hydro-excavators.

Our Hydro Excavator units
Street Flusher

Street Flusher

A Street Flusher engineered for high performance.

Our Hydro Excavator units
Combination sewer cleaner

Combination sewer cleaner

Supervac combination units have vacuum and high pressure water pump.

Our combination sewer cleaner units
Sewer Jetter

Sewer Jetter

Conventional or on a trailer, Sewer cleaner with hose reel (located behind) has a capacity of 600 to 4 000 gallons (us).

Our Sewer Jetter units
Wet/Dry vacuum

Wet/Dry vacuum

Supervac’s vacuum units, for wet or dry waste, combine robustness and performance.

Our Wet/ Dry vacuum units

Take advantage of the Supervac quality

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