Wet/Dry vacuum truck standard series

With units that offer high-efficiency baghouse and wet and dry mode, Supervac vacuum trucks are versatile enough to meet the needs of all industries.



The ENYO is our wet or dry vacuum unit built with durability and toughness in mind. No other unit will be more efficient at moving large quantity of materials.

  • 3 600 gallons (US) debris capacity
  • DOT tank 407/412 available in option
  • 3 800 or 6 400 CFM – 27’’ HG vacuum pump driven by inline transfer case
  • 30 bags baghouse with automatic air pulse cleaning system
  • Wet or Dry mode and isolation valves, all electric over air controlled
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The AEOS is a low cost solution straight vac unit. Its larger tank capacity is made possible with the side mounted vacuum pump.

  • 4 200 gallons (US) debris tank capacity
  • 1 600 CFM – 27’’ HG vacuum pump driven by belt and pulley from transmission PTO
  • Tip-to-Dump or pressure unloading
  • DOT tank 407/412 available in option
  • Full Multiplex electronic control with 8’’ color display
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Go beyond your goal with customized wet/dry vacuum truck

All of Supervac equipments are custom made to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Stand out from your competitor

With Supervac cutting edge technologies you’ll be able to exceed the utmost aggressive goals.

Robust and sustainable design

Our vacuum trucks are well known for their robust and durable design, thanks to their quality of assembly in thicker steel.

Ease of use

Thanks to their centralized electronic systems and user-friendly interfaces, our units are very easy to use.

Adaptable units

Our combined expertise and the design of our units make them easily adaptable for industrial applications or for the transport of hazardous materials.

Get the best equipment for your vacuum truck

All of Supervac units are custom made to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Cartridge filter

Our more effective cartridge filter gives greater protection to the pump.

Pneumatic transfer of materials

Thanks to the pneumatic transfer of materials, it is possible to transfer different materials in separate tanks (optional).


Choose between stainless or steel tanks, according to your needs.

Unloading under pressure

Pressure unloading system (optional)


Supervac can safely respond to the hazardous materials transportation standards required by the US DOT (Department of Transportation) or TC (Transport Canada).

Reach your goal now with the performance of Supervac vacuum trucks

Sustained effort and hard work has made Supervac a reference in the field. For us, quality and customer satisfaction are top priorities.

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