The safety and integrity of infrastructure are priorities for the oil and gas industry. Depending on these requirements, our vacuum units are designed to offer an appropriate option. Our conventional vacuum trucks and semi-trailers are the safest options for transporting petroleum product residues. Suitable filtration systems are designed to filter fine particles that are harmful to equipment and the environment. Liquid ring pumps are also available to replace our standard lobe or fan pumps. Our certifications ASME, DOT, TC 407/412 are proof of our competence and the conformity of our equipment with very strict standards of the petroleum sector.

Our benefits

Take advantage of the Supervac quality

Robust and sustainable design

Our vacuum trucks are well known for their robust and durable design, thanks to their quality of assembly in thicker steel.

Ease of use

Thanks to their centralized electronic systems and user-friendly interfaces, our units are very easy to use.

Adaptable units

Our combined expertise and the design of our units make them easily adaptable for industrial applications or for the transport of hazardous materials.


Supervac can safely respond to the hazardous materials transportation standards required by the US DOT (Department of Transportation) or TC (Transport Canada).


Choose between stainless or steel tanks, according to your needs.

Work 12 months a year

Thanks to its heat exchanger for the water circulation, make the most of your hydro-excavator over 12 work-months, even the winter.

Industry needs don’t fit all. Get the perfect fit with our custom truck

We build custom equipements tailored to the needs of your company

Trucks adapted
to your mining projects

Wet/ Dry vacuum

Wet/ Dry vacuum

Supervac’s vacuum units, for wet or dry waste, combine robustness and performance.

Our Wet/ Dry vacuum units
Hydro excavator

Hydro excavator

Hydro-Excavation is digging safely with high pressure water and vacuum. Discover the best equipment on the market, the Supervac hydro-excavators.

Our hydro excavator units

Take advantage of the Supervac quality

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