Combination sewer cleaning truck

From our standard series, build your combination sewer cleaner according to your needs.



The LETO is our street sewer cleaner unit. Its small size and short wheelbase makes it the perfect choice for municipalities and contractors looking for greater maneuverability on the job.

  • 1 800 gallons (US) debris / 1 000 gallons (US) water capacity
  • 3 800 CFM – 27’’ HG vacuum pump driven by hydrostatic motor
  • 35 GPM – 3 000 PSI water pump
  • 600’ – ¾’’ front mounted hose reel with planetary hydraulic rotation and hydraulic actuator pivot
  • Load sense hydraulic system
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Leto HV

Leto HV

The LETO HV is the combination of a sewer cleaner and a hydro excavator. You will have a truck for both applications without any compromise in performance.

  • 2800 gallon (US) debris / 1800 gallon (US) water capacity
  • 5 000 CFM – 27” Hg vacuum pump driven by hydraulic motor
  • 80 GPM – 2 000 psi cleaning water pump
  • 10 GPM – 3 000 psi hydro excavation water pump
  • 500′-1″ front reel (optional rear or side reel) with planetary rotation and hydraulic pivot
  • 100′ – 3/8” reel with automatic spring return
  • 420,000 BTU boiler/heater – 12 V
  • Extended reach hydraulic boom
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Go beyond your goal with customized combination sewer cleaner

All of Supervac equipments are custom made to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Stand out from your competitor

With Supervac cutting edge technologies you’ll be able to exceed the utmost aggressive goals.

Polyethylene water tanks

1 200 to 1 290 gallons (US) polyethylene water tanks with electronic water level indicator (available on Leto and Brizo only)
-Anti corrosion

Three-season use

Maximize your investment with the heating system that allows work on spring-summer-autumn.

Custom-built to fit your needs

Our units are always tailored to meet the specific tasks offered by your company.
More versatility = greater profitability

Get the best equipment for your combination sewer cleaner

All of Supervac units are custom made to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Hose reel

Front or rear hose reel to fit your needs

Spacious storage

Our units offers a large storage space to allow you to have all your tools at hand and increase your efficiency.

Simplified and secure use

With its control panel and display for electronic multiplex system, get simplified and safer use for your users.

Remote control and diagnostic

Remote control of the equipment by the user and possibility of issuing a diagnosis (optional)

Reach your goal now with the performance of Supervac combination sewer cleaners

Sustained effort and hard work has made Supervac a reference in the field. For us, quality and customer satisfaction are top priorities.

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Our combination sewer cleaners are specifically designed for the municipalities around the world to perform routine cleaning or in the event of a sewer line blockage.