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Triton™ filtration is an evolution of our Patented Juggler™, a water recycling system that separates liquid and solid. The filtration allows re-use of water sucked in sewer line into jetter water pump.

  • 2 300 gallons (US) debris / 1 600 gallons (US) water capacity in a unitized tank
  • 3 800 CFM – 27’’ HG vacuum pump
  • 80 GPM – 2 000 PSI water pump
  • Triton™ centrifugal ultrasonic filtration system and rotary lobe water supply pump driven by hydraulic motors
  • Full Multiplex electronic control with 8’’ color display

Triton™ on the field!

The Triton™ combination sewer cleaner from Supervac has a water recycling system that employs a filter system to allow continuous work without downtime for water filling. It filters water collected in the debris tank and transfers it to a water reservoir used by the Pratissoli water pump.

Technical specifications

Current technology used in the pipe cleaning business is proven costly to service providers. An equipment that stops for water refill every hour can add up to 40% of operational time lost. Unfortunately, nearly all companies in Canada and the United States utilizes this technology.

Supervac knows the value-added benefit in reducing costly downtime while helping you complete your project on time and on budget . This is why Supervac Invested in Triton technology as part of our diverse vacuum unit range. Triton recycling unit holds 2300 gallons of service water which will last for greater than one week without the need to refill.

  1. Hose reel, 700′, 11/4′ hose 2500 PSI, hydraulic operation, 180° rotation, hose guide;
  2. Full opening rear door;
  3. 6 heavy duty hydraulic door lock;
  4. Top opening heavy duty boom box,air actuator vacuum controler;
  5. 2300 Gallons (US), carbon steel debris tank;
  6. Top loading boom (8″), 220o rotation, 19 feet long (stainless steel/carbon steel);
  7. 1500 Gallons (US) carbon steel water tank, epoxy coating;
  8. Water tank decant material flush out sytem;
  9. 3/16″ carbon steel cyclone;
  1. (2) 26’’ silencer;
  2. 12″ check valve;
  3. Robuschi RBDV-125 blower, 3800 CFM, 27″ HG;
  4. Final filtration washable cartrige, 50 microns;
  5. Omsi transfer case;
  6. Pratissoli MW50R water pump 80 GPM / 2000 PSI;
  7. Drop out box 20″, full opening;
  8. Load sense hydraulic system;
  9. 23 tons hoist;
  1. Rotary TRI-LOBES feeding pump;
  2. T200 filtration system;
  3. Hydraulic vibrator;
  4. Hose tray;
  5. Liquid level indicator;
  6. Security arm;
  7. Splash guard;
  8. 6″ decant valve;
  9. Multiplexing, 8″ color display.

A new generation of septic and sewer application has arrived

Best way to save time, money and water!

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What it means for you :

  • Reduced billable hours by as much as 40%
  • Save water
  • Save on dumping and waste treatment
  • Reduced permitting needs for water source supply
  • Better risk management
  • Higher level of customer satisfaction

Our others sewer cleaner standard series



The BRIZO is our second configuration of Street sewer cleaner unit. Its longer construction allows for transfer case driven vacuum pump and mid-truck vertical water tanks.

  • 2 000 gallons (US) debris / 1 260 gallons (US) water capacity
  • 5 000 CFM – 27’’ HG vacuum pump driven by inline transfer case
  • 65 GPM – 2 000 PSI water pump
  • 600’ – 1’’ front mounted hose reel with planetary hydraulic rotation and hydraulic actuator pivot
  • 21’ extended range hydraulic boom
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The LETO is our street sewer cleaner unit. Its small size and short wheelbase makes it the perfect choice for municipalities and contractors looking for greater maneuverability on the job.

  • 1 800 gallons (US) debris / 1 000 gallons (US) water capacity
  • 3 800 CFM – 27’’ HG vacuum pump driven by hydrostatic motor
  • 35 GPM – 3 000 PSI water pump
  • 600’ – ¾’’ front mounted hose reel with planetary hydraulic rotation and hydraulic actuator pivot
  • Load sense hydraulic system
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